"I love that this doesn't have a buckle! The buckle always confuses people, and they always make noise clanking in class. The thing I like best is it's also a mat carrier!" - Debbie, Yoga Instructor, IN

"Your straps are amazing! What a wonderful tool to have during practice. I have brought mine to the studio and let my students use them. They prefer them to the buckle straps we currently use. I have given these great loops as gifts and they are fabulous! Thank you for creating this very usable product." - Kimberly, Yoga Instructor, Chicago, IL

"Since I developed and begun using our new loops, my practice has risen to a new high. First of all they have no buckle. Not only will they not pinch my hand or body, but they also configure easily and quickly into hand or foot holds to meet my practice needs with comfort. There are many different uses and configurations for the Loopasana Alpha Loop that enhance different poses. Whether you have come to yoga because of a limited range of motion due to age, injury or because you haven't been stretching over the years or because you want to increase your level of flexibility and strength, the Loopasana Alpha Loop can help you. The smaller and adjustable loop allows you to successfully grip your foot and pull through your arms increasing the stretch while maintaining your balance and stability." - Maggie of Black Dog Asana, PA

"The Alpha Loop is simple yet brilliant reinvention of the yoga strap -- a continuous loop that has no buckles to fumble with and doubles as a mat carrier -- the most versatile accessory the yoga lover will ever need." - Cindy, Charleston Gazette, WV

Check out this review of Loopasana: "Give your hamstrings the stretch they deserve" by Tuja Wellness Magazine, Toronto

"I really like the Alpha Loop. The more I use it, the more I appreciate it. It's the only strap I use now." - Jeff, Yoga Instructor, CA

"A very elegant, simple design that is easy to use and functions as advertised." - Leah, Yogi, TX

"I am already very excited to be able to use the Mini in my class." - Kristi of BYS Yoga, PA

"I found your product to be appealing in its apparent simplicity. Upon seeing it for the first time it looked to me like a great idea. I found that it worked pretty well for most poses." - Richard of Green Yoga, CA

"I have been using your Alpha Loop for quite some time, I love it. It is so helpful. I am going to take it to the Judith Lasater workshop next week! It makes a huge difference in my practice, thank you for inventing it!" - Amy, Yogi, PA

"A revolutionary strap that is intuitive in use and elegantly simple in design. Is a great addition to one's personal or group yoga practice. Get in the loop and pick one up today!" - Jason, Yoga Instructor, WV

"I enjoyed speaking with you yesterday (09/29/11) about the Alpha Loop. I have very much enjoyed using it in yoga classes as it works much better for me than the conventional yoga strap ... and I can tie my yoga mat with it. My experience with the Alpha loop has been excellent and I use it daily." - Patrick, Yogi, OH