"stretching for better health" loopasana class

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"The extension of one inch in Jin (flexibility) results in the extension of ten years in life" - Taoist theory

No matter what age we are at, stretching exercise is fundamental to our health if performed correctly. It helps to increase our balance and flexibility. It builds strength through proper body alignment and stamina, helping us to feel younger and more energized.

Loop is the perfect accessory for stretching and that's why we designed a stretching class specifically using the loop! The class consists of three parts:

  1. Warm-up: Loosening up of joints and warming up key muscle groups
  2. Core strengthening: Floor exercises using the loop to build core strength in your front and side abs
  3. Basic stretching and breathing with traditional asanas: Poses that improve flexibility, balance, strength and stamina using the loop

For more information about class availability, please contact info@loopasana.com