Pose - Increase your flexibility with these yoga belts and take your yoga poses to the next level. Novel closed loop design - Buckle free for comfortable use - Easily configurable using the internal knot for various yoga poses and body types. Discover - Versatile and easy to use, discover how our Yoga Loops adjust to your individual yoga practice.

Once you finish your yoga poses, use Yoga Loop as a yoga mat strap in a matter of seconds.



Discover a new way of doing yoga with the Loop

Loop is designed with you in mind. Unlike conventional yoga straps, Loop has no buckles to fiddle with and leaves no unnecessary hanging strap to distract you from your yoga practice. Not only is it lighter and easier to wash, but you can also quickly adjust the loop to form hand and foot holds, adapting to your yoga poses.

Loop also functions as a yoga mat carrier, whether hand carried or over your shoulder. It's one of the most versatile yoga accessories you will ever want to own!

Get unbuckled now!

Learn how with our three designs to fit your unique needs: Alpha Loop, Omega Loop, and Mini Loop.

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Come check out our Loopasana class at the Folded Leaf studio, every Thursday at 4:15pm.